Runaway Pup is your online foot in the door of music in, about, or around Saskatchewan. On this blog you’ll find reviews of live and recorded music, discussions with and about local musicians, artist profiles, exclusive live-recorded content, and editorial pieces, with the common thread being Saskatchewan music.

The contributors to this blog will endeavour to deliver the best in Saskatchewan content on a regular basis, neatly packaged in barely-coherent diction and inane humour. The goal being to promote music happening in Saskatchewan. Whether its a touring act that’ll be here soon, or local acts that are doing dope stuff down your street, we keep our ears to the grindstone so that you don’t have to.

We keep our comments positive and well thought-out, and we ask you to do the same. Imagine that your mom is reading what you say. And that she’s in the band you’re talking about. And that you’re both in the same place eating nachos. Just be cool, alright?


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