“Sandy Shores” – Trash Hawks Single Premiere!


I am excited about this post for the following reasons:

  1. It is exciting to listen to new local music
  2. It is exciting to premiere new music on this blog.
  3. It is exciting to really enjoy the music that is coming from your hometown
  4. It is exciting to see a scene and a sound really grow and develop

Trash Hawk’s debut EP Piña Piñata Colada is being released by Grind Central Records and this single shares the hard-hitting quality that is found across the label, perhaps in part thanks to the production and mixing from house engineer Chris Dimas. At the same time the sound of the single is very different from anything else on the label. The verses chorusey, warbling guitar might lean towards the sound of current indie surf rock, but in no way could be confused for a song by labelmates Surf Dads because of the more  relaxed and ambling tempo. The slower tempo does nothing to reduce my urge to headbang. 

It’s very cool to see how Trash Hawks fits in with the wider Regina and Saskatchewan music scene while also distinguishing themselves from the pack.  For example: local laid back slacker-surf rockers Beach Body utilize some subtly complex harmonic strucures while blissfly fuzzing through their riffs; Trash Hawks attack this song with straightforward, hard-hitting rock structures and distorted guitars heavy enough to make your powerlifting buddy sweat. That’s not to put-down their music either for it’s simplicity – the vocals will drift into your memory and the other instruments will pound their way into your feet. It demonstrates the musical maturity of the musicians involved to put their own spin on very similar elements and the openness and support of the local music scene to allow these two bands to flourish.

This single is exciting to me for many reasons but the most important reason is Trash Hawks wrote a killer song and have a heavy, heavy single to show for it. Listen up and make sure your garbage can lids are on tight – the Trash Hawks are here.

– by Jon N


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