Show Preview – Girls Rock Regina Showcase! July 29th, 2017

This blog is currently run by two men. In the music industry, this is not surprising, but it should be disappointing. Fundamentally, at no fault of their own, women or gender non-conforming persons are not proportionally taking part in music as much as they should be.
Girls Rock Regina has landed this summer to do their part to change that.


Quite possibly the coolest classroom. –  photo from Girls Rock Regina

Some wonderful people have come together to help encourage creativity, empowerment, and confidence for a group of campers from the ages of 10-14. Whether it’s lessons on individual instruments, DIY electronics workshops, sessions on consent, or exploring the intersection between fashion and music in a Soul Train style parade, campers are gaining a wealth of knowledge that will help serve them in the music communities or in the rest of the world (with a little bit of that artist edge kicked in).

Try and convince me this fit won’t look dope on stage. I dare you.  –  photo from Girls Rock Regina

It’s all culminating in a showcase this Saturday at the Exchange. Five camper bands performing with all proceeds going to Girls Rock Regina. With the help of the camps instructors belonging to the “whose-who” of the music scene and the numerous other volunteers,  you know you will be in for a great show.  I’m not even talking about the music, which I’m sure will be fine. I’m talking about watching 5 bands full of campers take the stage, where their lives have changed for the better.

Do your part in making the music scene, and the world a better place.


– Jon Neher


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