Natural Sympathies (and more!) – “Moon Landing”


Alienation, despite it’s requirements of isolation, is universal.

Aliens, despite the government’s attempt at cover-ups, are in the universe.

Natural Sympathies “Moon Landing” EP is here to marry the two.

The EP features Natural Sympathies’s (Amber Goodwyn) original song “Moon Landing”, a Natural Sympathies remix of Regina’s Pulsewidth, and two remixes of “Moon Landing” by Saskatoon electronic/experimental artists Ursa and 豆芽 (BeanSprout), the dancey alter-ego of 敬兒 (respectfulchild).

“So far from home” is one of the first lyrics we are greeted with on the EP when the eerie and tense atmosphere is cultivated. In place of the stock retro bleeps and bloops to convey space, we instead are treated to washy, low-gravity guitars and realistic drum machine sounds (think Linn, not 808) doing unrealistic things. It feels a little uncomfortable and really drives home the point that this mission is not all fun and games. Despite all this, the wordless chorus with breakbeat energy is a welcome release and easy to groove to. It’s a frenetic dance party for those displaced by space.

The other tracks are wonderful takes on remixing as well, highlighting the artists particular strengths while making good use of the source material. Ursa’s remix builds expansive synth landscapes for just short of 4-minutes while a constant ticking and chopped vocal keep time so boomy drums can provide punctuation during our spacey journey. The Natural Sympathies remix of Pulsewidth is a fizzling, distorted exploration of minimalism and duality with Goodwyn’s clear vocals as the counterpoint. Finally, the 豆芽 remix draws heavily from deep house conventions and once again let’s Goodwyn’s vocals soar, this time above a driving bass line that combined will hypnotize the listener.

If you want to feel together in space, I suggest checking out ALL of the above artists at the Prairie Shag fundraiser show in Regina, June 17th!


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