Gateway Preview! – Bombargo “Pour Me Another” Music Video

The relationship between creative living and self-destruction is long and complex. It has been written about , celebrated in video, and lived by many trying to emulate their heroes, believing that getting messed up is the best way to improve your craft. With these sort of examples pervasive in music culture it’s important that some alternative viewpoints of self-destruction are shown, and thankfully Bombargo does just that with their hard rocking track “Pour Me Another”from their album “We Are Bombargo”.

Bombargo’s sound fits right in the genre that often lionizes alcohol and the hard rocking lifestyle, so seeing the title “Pour Me Another” might lead one to think this is another party song – I wouldn’t be surprised to hear this at a college party as the listener un-ironically chugs another beer and belts along. The hook is bluesy and so incredibly singable that it begs you to sing along even if you aren’t totally aware of the lyric’s purpose. It’s an interesting subversion of the trope that is particularly effective with the narrative of the music video where we are treated to the ghost of Bombargo-future warning of the dangers of hard-living.

The message is a little lost with uncritical listening which is always a danger in these kinds of works, but for those who are only here for the blues rock there is much to love. The fuzzy guitar bounces through the verse, an organ heralds the pre-choruses and we are treated to both a psych influenced slowdown and the customary guitar solo. It’s a well-mixed cocktail of raw grit and considered production.

If you are looking to rock-out (responsibly) with Bombargo you can check out their new album or see them on the Main Stage of the Gateway Festival this summer.

gateway festival may 22

  • Jon Neher

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