Show Tonight: Kakagi with Danny Olliver and Scott Pettigrew 

In a world where the catastrophic effects of nationalism get me down on the regular, it sometimes feels hard to know the right way to be proud of Canada. For me it has always been music that helps me to love my country. Bands like The Weakerthans, The Tragically Hip, Said The Whale, and more have stolen my heart because not only are they Canadian bands but they are bands who sing about Canada. My newest addition to that category might have to be Kakagi.

With their honest delivery of songs self-described as being “about mundane places and situations,” Kakagi celebrates the basics of life. With regional references galore and personal experiences abounding, each song of their EP Pronounced: / Ke-Ka-Gi / echoes the stories of Canadians who love their home. References to Toronto streets and transit permeat “Spadina Streetcar,” leaving me longing for the busy streets of Toronto and the hot dogs that come with them. However, the stand out track to me is “Small Town,” a bland portrait of a small town that transports me to dusty rural Saskatchewan with a heavy twinge of nostalgia and the feeling of being left behind. 

Wrapping up their stories in folky grooves and a plethora of classic rock and blues guitar sounds, Kakagi answers their Canadian indie rock predecessors with their own voice. It’s music like this that makes me proud to be Canadian.

The honest folk songwriting and tasty guitar playing means the pairing of Kakagi and local sweethearts Danny Olliver and Scott Pettigrew is sure to please. Tonight at the Artful Dodger, music at 8,  $12 cover.


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