Song Premiere! – Natural Sympathies “Space Invaders”

As an electronic artist, my ears always perk up when I hear that someone is making electronic music in Regina. Such was the case when I first got the chance to see Amber Goodwyn perform as Natural Sympathies in early 2016. It was a pleasure to hear her intelligent, doomy electronic pop live and it is an absolute pleasure to premiere “Space Invaders” in advance of the release of her Strange Heavens EP.

The beat provided by Jeremy MacCuish is propulsive, the persistent handclaps sounding less like happy applause and more dire, like a  teacher urging you to move. Goodwyn’s vocal is well written to compliment the crisp sounds by switching between explosive, disjunct phrases and more lyrical melodic lines. The space provided in the chorus for a tweeting motive to playfully answer the words creates wonderful counterpoint, considering the previous lyric was “cannibalism”.

I think it’s important to acknowledge that Natural Sympathies exists as something of a feminist project, but there were many better words already written about this on the wonderful collaborative blog Kindred Cities which highlights Saskatoon and Regina artists.   Please have a read, a listen, and get lost in “Space Invaders”.

You can see Natural Sympathies live in a wonderful bill of Saskatchewan electronic artists, either in Regina or Saskatoon celebrating Ursa’s Cassette Release!  Click the links to get more details via Facebook!



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