Show Review: Brodie Moniker (Dec. 10th, 2016)

The Club, as a part of the Saskatchewan Cultural Exchange Society, does a fine job of providing space for a variety of musical genres. When I attended a show there on December 10th I was treated to a veritable cornucopia: blues; prog-rock; psych; fusion; metal. It was amazing that all these sounds were coming from just one act on the bill, Brodie Moniker.


It’s not to say that Brodie’s sound was aimless – his musical vision seems fairly clear. Grooving, driving, blues drenched, technical music is the name of the game. There are plenty of hooky riffs that lay the foundation (was the last tune “Press Play DJ”?) and plenty of displays of speedy fingers that threaten to tear down the wall they built. You are treated to a variety of textures and tones thanks to Brodie’s judicious use of his pedalboard, which despite failing him in between songs (“sorry for dicking around with my pedals” he apologized) provided a needed variety to the timbral palette. It takes a talented band to make a three piece sound full, which the group succeeded in greatly; their cover of “21st Century Schizoid Man” was a show-stopper due to the combined efforts of all three musicians.

If you want to hear more musicians playing dynamic, technical rock music that blues lawyers will never touch, then you want to hear Brodie Moniker. Keep an eye out for his debut album, coming March 2017!



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