Ghost Twin – Here We Are in The Night / BreakOut West Preview

Electronic music was not always presented in sunny festivals to thousands of college students under the influence of Monster and molly. There was a large period of time where electronic music belonged to the underground, as it pushed challenging music and expanded what timbres were available musically. It’s great to know that this tradition is still being upheld by bands today like Ghost Twin.


Ghost Twin is self described as “dark synth pop” which is incredibly appropriate. On their album “Here We Are In the Night” they often present a dichotomy of pop melodies and rhythms that are blanketed in challenging timbres. The seriousness with which the music is presented is incredibly gripping. The dual vocals of Karen’s baroque soprano and Jaimz’s spoken baritone can often give the impression of monastic chanting, back from when harmony was of the devil. These religious overtones can be seen elsewhere, such as their live show which features occult visuals and the melody of “Mystic Sabbath” which reminds me strongly of ┬áthe carol”Gaudete”.


Their haunting music is gripping on it’s own, but the visuals of the live performance fully transport you into Ghost Twin’s world. The live analog video art seems unstable, as if it is behaving on it’s own accord in reaction to the music. The VHS copies of their work is a sight to be seen, but unfortunately is no longer available for purchase. It is a must see live.

If you want to see Ghost Twin live, you can do so this weekend at Breakout West in Regina! Tickets are available on the BreakOut West web page.

– Jon Neher




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