Show Preview: Little Junior, This Wednesday July 6th at Durty Nelly’s

It’s summer. That means that I’m likely to be spending a bunch of time biking, crushing slush puppies, eating on patios, and laying on my bed dreaming of air conditioning. It’s the time of year where I get a whole bunch of new, outdoor excuses to not do the stuff that I put off using my indoor excuses all winter. But it wouldn’t be a Saskatchewan summer without attending festivals, and for me the Long Day’s Night Music Festival in my home town of Swift Current has always been the start to summer. For years it has been a beacon of musical hope in the middle of the nowhere prairies and it is always a wild party. This year was no exception. In a stacked festival line up that included Saskatchewan heartthrobs like We Were Lovers and Nick Faye and the Deputies, the stand out of the festival for me was a band from Toronto called Little Junior.

As a touring opener for Hollerado, I knew that Little Junior were destined to be awesome. If Hollerado signs off on it, it has to be good; having your band in the same category as nachos and dogs has got to be worth something. Little Junior proved to be just what I’d hoped they’d be — tonnes of fun.

Little Junior is a four-piece band based out of Toronto. They provide a brand of aggressive, melodic pop punk that I didn’t know was being made anymore in a lo-fi packaging that makes total sense for the scene I know in Regina. Highlights include singable melodies and creamy, fuzzy bass tone alongside thundering drums and the requisite dirty guitar mayhem. Also, despite being a young band, they’re stage show is tight and to-the-point. They maintained such a great vibe that I was left wanting more after their opening set. So, because I’m sure the heat of your computer is bumming you out and you want to get outside and grab a cone, I’m going to keep this short.  If you are in Regina this wednesday, July 6th, go see Little Junior at Durty Nelly’s (formerly McNally’s). They’ll bring a groovy grungy party, let’s be there for it!




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