April 22nd – First Runaway Pup Concert!

Together with the help of Regina musician Carl Johnson (Library Voices, The Florals) we at Runaway Pup are very excited to be hosting a house show! Grab your pals, grab some brews and come out for a fun time!

Find the event on Facebook!

Regina locals and Runaway Pup readers should be familiar with both Nick Faye and Megan Nash – we’ve run reviews on them before and they are sure to be a treat with jokes and stories as well as their creative and well-crafted songs.

The other two musicians are intriguing in the best possible way. Their musical pedigrees are obvious to those who know their work, but how they will present it is different from what we might be accustomed to.

Darcy Hancock’s guitar work in Ladyhawk is well appreciated. There is an intensity and intention behind his writing that is contrasted with it’s sparse nature. He has begun a new chapter as a solo musician and I think it’s reasonable to be excited for what comes.

Courtney Ewan’s unforgettable vocals help propel the garagey stylings of the collective Twin River. Twin River has become known for a hazy sound wet with reverb, but the group has its roots as an acoustic duo. With Twin River releasing a new LP in June it will be exciting to hear what music Courtney has to offer.

Get ready for a barking good time!

– by Jon Neher


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