Nick Faye’s “Lambswool” EP Release Show Preview

“Hey Man, do you want to go check out the Nick Fay CD release tomorrow night?”

Those words, spoken in 2014 by the immortal king of social media, Taron Cochrane, led me down a steep, fast path toward Nick Faye fandom. I was new to the Regina music scene at the time, trying to figure out the thing and connect with all these artists I knew nothing about. Nick Faye opened my mind, and ears, to a whole new level of local musicianship. My focus switched from thinking about big name touring bands, to all of the amazing talent we have right here at home.

His songs are catchy, relaxing, exciting, meaningful, and fun. It is noteworthy that Nick seems to surround himself with some pretty amazing talent. Recognition on his previous recordings is given to contributors such as John Neher, Byron Chambers, Ian Cameron, Adam Ennis, Eden Rohatensky, and Carmelle Pretzlaw: All involved in amazing Regina bands. Nick’s Deputies really are a cast of local superstars.

The new Lambswool EP from Nick Faye and the Deputies is a collection of four extraordinary songs. They remain relatively true to the sound we know and love from Nick, though this effort feels more polished. Not to diminish the quality of the previous releases, rather noting the evolution and growth of the songwriting. Lambswool is an improvement which rings proud and confident.

The first track, Head in Your Hands, will be the first song I play outdoors this spring. I cannot wait to sit back in the sun on my deck, listen to that slide guitar twang freely and hear the harmonized vocals fill my yard.

Hearing Kansas while watching a recent snowfall, I fell deeply in touch with my thoughts. The effect was brilliant and calming. The self reflection was a much needed bonus. In contrast, I can’t wait to drive down the grid roads this summer with the windows down and Wild Bones turned up loud. The bluesy, jazzy vibe of this track will have me singing loud and wheel tapping right to the end. The thundering drums and flowing horns on Big Sunrise are a perfect close to this collection. The entire band sound is so full and bright.

This Friday night, at the Artesian, Nick Faye will run two sets, and in the middle the always amazing Bears In Hazenmore will take the stage. I heard in a recent interview with Jeff ‘Redbeard’ that members of Bears In Hazenmore will be joining Nick Faye and The Deputies on stage to add in some extra horn parts. This collaboration is not to be missed. The immense talent in these two bands will come together for some of the best live music you will ever hear.

Christopher Mercer is the founder of local music website



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