Runaway Pup Podcast Number 2

Below you’ll find a link to the second episode of the Runaway Pup Podcast. In this episode, Jon and Dana talk about their musical new years resolutions, side projects, and AC/DC while playing Uno. They are joined in studio by their intern, fact checker, and game referee Bindu.

Artists mentioned include: Radville, Youth Trend Report, Library Voices, Poor Nameless Boy, Pandacorn, Justin Vernon, Jack White, City and Colour, and more.


One comment

  1. I rounded up some Prairie music for you.
    First, someone from Regina Folk Fest 2015
    I listen to the 7 inch single I have of this over and over again.

    Next is
    A bit more country than I usually listen to, but I was interested in the way he is described on his website. It says he’s a folk singer, and I certainly agree with the storytelling aspect of that. But it goes on to say “…Lucky’s songs will haunt you and remind you of what country and western music was originally conceived as.”

    Lastly, I’d like to mention a song written by Zachary Lucky and then recorded by Belle Plaine and Blake Berglund that I don’t think is getting enough airplay.
    Again, it’s more country than my usual taste, but I don’t feel it is getting the play time it deserves.


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