Alexandra & The Scott Benson Band – Paralyzed

I think it’s time for Saskatchewan as a group to realize that we are capable of competing on the national (and international) stage. The independent scene has started to recognize this for a while. Even the general public loves to welcome the guys who have come and gone from Regina. But sometimes “making it” feels like moving east or west. Why not “make it” right at home? You want to hear world class music of a variety of genres? Look here.

For example – Alexandra & The Scott Benson Band and this online debut of their single Paralyzed.

FULL DISCLAIMER – I don’t know if I would go out of my way to listen to this track again in a few months, but that’s because this style of music is not my “jam” per se. There are hundreds of thousands of people who SHOULD have this as their jam.

The verses rock with a produced, chugging grit. The chorus opens up with a soaring-half time feel with just enough syncopation to create rhythmic interest. The vocals of Alexandra (one half of Acadence) sound like pleading or ruminating as the song dictates. The orchestral hits and swells add real polish and differentiate the sound from many other rock groups. If you are looking for lyrics that pull no punches, the song delivers. What other song has the singer saying they are “frozen with the fear they won’t love before they die”? The metaphors and allusions are straight-forward.  It is no wonder the Scott Benson Band has worked with international heavyweights – their sound and vision is clear and music executives should be salivating at the soundtrack sales they could have from this song.

Go look on the internet for Dragon Ball Z Animated Music Videos. There are MILLIONS of views where “Paralyzed” would be an appropriate soundtrack. There are many, many people who will love this song for all it’s merits and I hope Alexandra & The Scott Benson Band find the millions of people who don’t know yet they should like it too.

Maybe that’s you! Have a listen above or purchase the single Friday, February 5th to find out.


  • Jon Neher

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