Friends of Foes – Faults

It can take a lot of guts to repeat yourself in music. One of the hardest things for me to understand as a burgeoning jazz piano player was that the audience would not be bored by my playing if I dared play the same thing twice. It can be very tempting as an artist to feel like the wheel always needs to be reinvented; that anything less than something completely new is a waste.

“and all our faults are watching us…”

In their new video for “Faults” the folks at Friends of Foes have learned that repetition can be a good thing, and they are ready to prove it to you. Repetition can be a good thing!

The chorus is an incredible earworm. Celeste Nicholson’s voice is sometimes reminiscent of CHVRCHES’ Lauren Mayberry in it’s clear, expressive midrange, and this quality makes it perfect to inspire a listener to sing the chorus along with the band. The band happily obliges by repeating the lyric six times. Repetition can be good!

All while this repetition occurs, what is happening around the vocal is consistently shifting. Matt Stinn makes his guitar at times expansive with delays and disjunct guitar parts in contrast to when his playing drives the song forward in an insistent rhythmic pattern echoed by the snare drum. The drumming of Keegan Stretch and bass playing of Anthony Nickel are dynamic and locked together in a way that noticeably alters the song’s texture when either instrument alters its part or drops out completely. This is intelligent songwriting. Repetition can be good… but sometimes change is great too.

Friends of Foes are touring in support of their latest EP. If you’ve watched the video then you already know enough lyrics to check them out, sing along, and have a good time. Click the individual dates below to find out more:

02/17 – Vancouver – The Media Club​
02/19 – Calgary – The Palomino Smokehouse and Social Club​
– by Jon N

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